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Welcome to the Tribe

Inspired by today’s lifestyle bloggers, NXNW creates easy-to-use artisan blog themes that sell your brand through stunning visuals, social sharing, and simple design. We are hand-crafting a community of dedicated style experts, musicians, mompreneurs, travel writers, and we love every second of it. Come on, join us!

Wild & Free

The spirit of the lifestyle blogger is what makes your brand quintessentially “you.” Let your story be told.

Kindling Innovation

We love watching sparks fly when people put their heads together.

A Tribe of Artisans

We believe that collaboration can change the world. We relish the energy of the startup, the rush of a new idea coming to fruition.

Conscientious Creators

Fun, joy, & beauty are our buzzwords. We try to pack them into every day, and into every handcrafted theme we create.


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Committed to Happiness

We are committed to crafting WordPress themes that bring joy to bloggers.

  • Design

    We're all about beautiful themes that actually work for bloggers. We don't bloat our themes with features. They are easy to set up and a joy to use.

  • Community

    We will promote your website through all our social channels. Just tweet at us @NXNWstudio with your website url and we'll promote your blog.

  • Support

    Leave no blogger behind. That's our motto when it comes to support. We want to see your blog take off, and will do anything we can to make that happen.

Who we are

Who are the faces behind NXNW.

Evan Scoboria

Evan Scoboria

Managing Partner

Kendall Scoboria

Kendall Scoboria

Creative Director

Sarah Bishop

Sarah Bishop

Happiness Coordinator